Why You Need a Stock Market News Feed

Every investor knows and understands the importance of having quality, reliable and timely information but where and how do you get it?

stock market news feed

A stock market news feed is how to find the information you need to succeed (Image sxc.hu)

Once upon a time, not that long ago, your personal financial broker might give you a phone call with a hot tip about when or what stock to buy or sell. This process was not unlike the whispered tip you might receive at a race meeting by someone supposedly “in the know”.

Or you could pore over the daily newspapers with their outdated financial news, or read infrequent financial magazines which would talk about what is coming, but by the time you read it, the whatever that was coming had already gone.

But things have changed for the better for investors of all types and experience levels.

While we can largely say goodbye to the old stock market news which arrives via the print media, and for fun we can still watch a television channel focused on financial investing, the true source of the current news that we all want is on the Internet.

Sure, a lot of the web based finance information is replicated in newspapers and magazines, and rehashed on television, but the true breaking market news and the stuff which influences a key decision is to be found on the Internet.

The traditional sources of market news obviously have a web presence and their information is not to be ignored, especially as it is now delivered in real time (or close to it). But we also now have blogs and forums which provide a productive platform for sharing stock information and opinions.

With the advent of faster Internet connections, online market information is not confined to just written material either. There are audio broadcasts and podcasts covering all facets of the financial investment landscape.

There are live video presentations and webinars where you can watch and hear the very latest stock market news without having to leave your computer. You can be taking this information as it is delivered, interpreting it and using it as input to your online trading account.

stock market news online

Say goodbye to the old slow way of getting your stock market news (Image sxc.hu)

We often hear reference to the “level playing field” which is all about providing a fair and equitable environment for all to succeed. Financial market news on the Internet is the investor’s form of the level playing field, but you need to know how to take advantage of it.

The biggest issue with using the Internet as an information source for any subject is trying to find exactly what you want. The same applies for financial market news.

Just imagine how many pieces of financial information and data tidbits appear every day for just one grouping of shares or options in one financial market? The amount of material available for scrutiny is mind boggling but it has to be used if we are to be successful in our financial trading endeavors.

This is where a news feed comes in. According to Wikipedia, a news feed is a data format used to provide users with frequently updated content.

Great, this is exactly what we want – a stock market news feed which provides a filtered, prioritized collection of current information (in all forms) relevant to our investing interest whether it be stocks, futures or forex.

Ideally, we would like the market feed to present the information in a variety of graphical, tabular and text forms, and be continually scanning the Internet for news updates. Does such a feed exist, and is it affordable?

The answer to both questions is yes, and the solution is an amazing tool called NewsMiner.

NewsMiner is an extremely affordable piece of software brilliance from the people at Gecko Software, who have built an enviable reputation as the providers of premier trading solutions.

The News Miner program sits on your personal computer and will quickly become your most important source of investing information. There are no ongoing costs and the initial modest outlay will be recouped within hours (or less!) of it starting to work, gathering the exact sort of stock market news and information you need to succeed.

The heat map facility of NewsMiner is worth the price of admission alone, so regardless of whether you are trading stocks, futures or forex, have a look at NewsMiner and fully exploit the power of the Internet for financial trading.


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