What Makes the Best Stock Trading Software?

Investors everywhere, regardless of whether they are novices or lifetime experts, would agree that the best stock trading software would have to be one that could accurately hit the bulls eye and identify the best time to trade a specific stock.

best stock trading software

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To do this, and to do it repeatably, requires access to huge amounts of historical data. Whilst data access is not a big deal in these days of cheap mass storage devices, analyzing that data is quite another thing.

Can you imagine  the amount of processing required to sift through all the trades for a particular stock over one year, or five years, or twenty, or even forty years?

And then multiply that by dozens, if not hundreds, of other equities so as to form a comparison base?

Sounds truly mind boggling, and it is. Such a task would be impossible to do manually in a lifetime, and until recently required banks of large computers churning away for hours to produce even the most rudimentary financial analysis.

But this capability is now available for the personal computer with the release of a new revolutionary stock trading software package, called TradeMiner.

Before explaining a little about TradeMiner, it is important to fully understand the effect of cycles on stock market behavior. For example, a toy retailer would expect to experience peak times of business in the lead up to major holiday periods.

Similarly a crop grower would expect to harvest and sell his produce at a particular time each year, and this would be reflected in the share price.

By looking at the historical trends for a specific stock, or related groups of stocks, it is possible to develop a clear picture to very accurately foretell when to take advantage of a stock’s pending trend, and the length of time that trend can be expected to last.

In essence, this is what TradeMiner does using a unique set of algorithms surrounding the data core of the system, the DataCube.

Plus there are a lot of other bells and whistles in the software which provide effective, simple and accurate advice for placement of orders, based on your own portfolio size and risk profile.

The same principles which have been used in TradeMiner Stocks have been used for a decade by successful professional traders, and in the past access to such a powerful tool would have required an expensive monthly subscription service.

trademiner stocksHowever, TradeMiner is available as a standalone software product which you can download instantly and use as freely and as often as you wish.

Certainly a great asset to any trader’s toolbox, and one which will probably render other trading software obsolete.

The makers of TradeMiner, Gecko Software is a long established developer of innovative and quality trading products. Recently, Gecko won the 2012 U.S. Commerce Association’s Best of Providence Award for Software Programming Applications.

Can we suggest you have a considered look at TradeMiner first hand. You are bound to be as impressed as we were.

To your trading success!


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