There is More to the Best Forex Trading Software than Software

When we are kids, we learn best when we are shown how to do something – when we have a mentor to point us in the right direction.

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A mentor is invaluable when learning new skills (Image

When learning to fish, not many of us would catch many if just given a rod and directed to the nearest patch of water where fish live.

The same principle applies to most activities in life but as adults when we want to (or need to) acquire a new skill, we are often just given an instruction manual or a training video and left to our own devices.

Certainly there is a need to learn the basics of a new discipline or pastime, but when the time comes to put the theory into practice, it is experience which we are lacking.

The only sure way to quickly make up that experience shortfall is to have the services of a mentor available, just like an experienced fisherman.

Take Forex trading as an example. There are oodles of Forex trading software programs out there and a lot of them are very good.

Any worthwhile Forex trading system will have a set of quality training materials, preferably video based. It may even have a daily market analysis, again ideally on video.

But that is usually where Forex trading products end. Except for Forex Mentor Pro (known as FMP).

Forex Mentor Pro does have quality video training materials, and a daily market update on video, but it has a lot more than this.

forex mentor proAs the name implies, the strength of FMP lies in the one crucial component missed by other Forex trading systems – access to a mentor to direct you along the correct path, and keep you on it.

Forex Mentor Pro places great emphasis on ongoing support and education via a number of means, including conducting live webinars, uploading new videos to answer the most common questions and sharing new indicators with members.

Perhaps the most valuable part of Forex Mentor Pro is the member’s only forum which is hosted by a full time professional trader. Here you can chat with an experienced Forex professional, bounce ideas, ask questions and generally shorten the time frame needed to gain that valuable Forex experience.

So there is much more to the best Forex trading software then software, and FMP delivers a mentoring component unlike any other. Having constant access to these mentoring resources means simply that you will be trading successfully and sooner, while avoiding the sort of costly mistakes that can befall even experienced traders.

Forex Trading Pro is so confident in the quality of their service that they offer a one week trial for only $1 – what do you have to lose?

As an example of the great material available to FMP members, there is a video below which explains in detail how to identify power levels, and then take advantage of the resultant bounce.

This technique makes it possible to catch 100 (or more) pip moves with a minimal risk of just 3 to 5 pips draw down on the trade.

These sorts of powerful techniques are for members so check out Forex Mentor Pro now, undoubtedly the best Forex trading software available.

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